We make customized games following gaming standards and systems. We are proud to be a leading provider in the video game industry and have developed 80+ impressive AR games for our clients, globally. We are facilitating every industry including retail, we want people to experience their favorite brands in a unique way, before purchasing them.

We have a team of practiced game developers which have recognized knowledge in building custom AR games with a friendly user interface. AR games that we design can work with any equipment either it is a Hololens headset or mobile phone.

Through our interactive games, we modify a boring design into a memorable experience which incites the users to stay with you forever. We believe in making long term partnerships built on the quality of services we provide. From whatever industry you are, pitch us your innovative idea and we will further nourish it to improve your value.


Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is one of those innovations which is changing our lives rapidly and the potential this technology holds is yet to be exposed. VR technology involves wearing a headset that creates a 360-degree angle, allowing the viewer to experience real like images. Virtual reality games that we design not only have great visuals but immersive sounds as well which plays an important role in the overall experience. Hence, it is crucial to keep in mind accurate environmental sound and characters while designing. We have developed some amazing VR games for our clients present globally. For further knowledge, please visit our portfolio section.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality uses present reality and physical objects to produce computer-generated enhancements in real time. Images that are designed typically take form as 3D models, videos and information. NARSUN Studios, as a leading game development company in Pakistan, has provided impeccable solutions to various industries and we thrive to use our expertise to give our clients unmatched quality & services. Through AR, NARSUN envisions to improve the daily lifestyle of consumers by providing interactive ways to help make their daily decisions easy. We believe that AR has yet not been exposed to its true potential and we are doing our part to change that.



If you wish to present your products in an exclusive way with the help of AR and VR technologies, we can aid you really well. We offer custom augmented and virtual reality game designing. NARSUN do not only offer AR/VR game but AR application designing as well. Our specialists can cater your request and polish your requirements as per demand.


Ornamenting the experience of our clients with custom made VR games as per their demands.












We are developing VR solutions to facilitate clients to grow and let them target their audience in a unique yet effective way. By developing VR games, we are targeting a broader audience to either educate them, provide a travel experience like none other or by introducing advancements in healthcare industry by allowing doctors to clinically apply technology to patients, it will benefit both the doctor and customer.

Either you are a large company or a small company, it all starts with a simple idea. Tell us what is on your mind, we will give your idea a structure and an image. Our unique solutions will allow you to stand alone in the gaming market.


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