NARSUN Studios offers a family- friendly place to work in. We have created a culture where our employees can balance both work and life, as life of an engineer is never easy. It is often said that learning is an everlasting process and this is what the idea has always been. With continuous exploration of new thoughts and techniques to gain sustainable growth and success, we take immense pride in stating that NARSUN Studios is ranked amongst the very few organizations working on technologies like "Unreal Engine". Our engineers are highly motivated and passionate about what they are doing and we will keep on rolling like this.



I strongly believe that working in a challenging yet fun-filled environment undoubtedly brings the best out of you. At NARSUN Studios conventional workplace practices are not followed, we focus on empowering our workforce by ensuring a healthy work-life balance. Our customers demand out-standing products and we always surpass their expectations. We live by our motto; “TEAM WORK MAKES THE DREAM WORK”. We work as a team and overcome every hurdle to succeed. NARSUN is making headway with its strong will to win and the potential it holds.

Sticking to our one word slogan i.e. “Innovation”, we promise to work in order to bring ease of access to the user. As a matter of fact, website quality has a significant impact on online purchasing trends, which in turn leads to continuous growth of your business. Rather than following the conventional approach, we go a step ahead to suggest additions that can bring efficiency.

The introduction of smartphones has really transformed the IT industry as it is a gadget one keeps with them most of the time. Therefore, the importance of design and development is the highest here. This is why our utmost focus is on the designing of a catchy interface along with flawless functionality. It does not only engage the users in a better way, but also triggers the urge to explore our designed apps.

Having a closer look at the game industry, it has seen a complete transformation over the past decade. The threshold of user satisfaction has gone way too high. This has also raised the design requirements and the more realistic a game environment is, greater is the tendency of a user playing it repeatedly. Considering all factors from storyboarding to the visuals, we are the vigilantes that guard the gaming world.

Designing is the first step a team takes towards the achievement of their goal. Therefore, the fundamental step has to be top-notch. Our work is what truly depicts the modus operandi of the organization. Although it sounds challenging, but here is where an idea is brought to reality. What differentiates us is our ability to not only design things, but also add the essence of innovation to give the requirements the best possible implementation.

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